"As satisfying as the debuts of such classic series heroes
as Parker's Spenser and Grafton's Kinsey Millhone.... Outstanding."
from the Booklist starred review of Lovers Crossing.

Lovers Crossing

The first Brinker novel. The violent end of his Border Patrol days, and a murder case that awakens those memories.

Choke Point

Brinker says "no" to someone who needs him, and comes to regret his decision when she is killed in Mexico.

Our Lady of the North

Someone is killing immigration lawyer Carla Baca's clients. She calls Brinker to Los Angeles for help.

The Anthology

The first three Brinker novels, collected here in one Kindle volume.

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Cover Story

The many faces of the first Brinker novel... and one that almost misfired. Hint: the picture on the left has nothing to do with Southern Arizona, where the story takes place. Read.

Fringe Benefit

Who says authors aren't richly compensated? Murder by the Book in Denver serves up delicious cake, frosted in the visiting author's book cover design.

Coolest Confab

Jim's favorite mystery conference, held at Book Passage in Corte Madera, California. Great for aspiring writers! Details.


Ross Macdonald, who set the standard... and made it look easy. (It isn't.) "The Underground Man" was the first crime novel Jim read. Read critical praise for Macdonald's gifts.